wow 02/11/2010
ok guys. I'm really sorry, but the last month has been hectate. I finally have internet now (thank the Lord!!!!) so here is my update. One, my mom was told she COULD run the marathon, but the night before she was feeling bad and decided not to. My two sisters ran in the freezingness of Florida and it was freezing! They both had decent times, but Jaeda was feeling bad so she slowed down. I ran the half in 2:25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's really good for me. I was in Haiti 2 days till the earthquake, then got out Thursday night with my sister Jaeda. We are now in the States (and my mom is out) and it looks like I'm in for good now. and in looks like, I mean 100 percent fact unless God changes something... again. so if you want the full story,  ask me on facebook or something. and thank you so much to everyone whose been praying and donated money. it meant a lot!
running 12/22/2009
Ok so my mom had her test a couple days ago and was told she couldn't run her marathon. ontop of that, she has to have ANOTHER colanoscapy!  So she isn't happy AT ALL! but on the good news, I've had lots of fun catching up with friends and I ran 10 miles!!!!
Ok well Thanksgiving was REALLY fun. We had a lot of people come over to our house, like back home. Great news is I had a week of pie left over for morning pre-run snacks. Bad news is, my mom is sick. She has had really bad Diahria and adomable pains. it started the week before thanksgiving and really increased the day after. it's been  week, and she has gone to several docters and several antibiotics, but nothing is working. so My dad took her to a nicer Haitian hospital, where they stayed for 4 days (my dad staying with her the entire time, and Corrie watching us boys) and after several tests, and getting her un dehydrated, we still don't know what's wrong, so we are coming home! I'll update you on my mom's health later
finnaly 11/20/2009
Ok so it's been a couple weeks, and I'm sorry so here's what has happened.
One. My dad and brother got in with no problems and brought lot's of needed stuff

Two. a team of doctors and nurses stayed at out house for a night. our first guests.

Three, youth group hosted a lock-in. we played capture the flag and I fell into a thorny bush thing and got a lot of splinters. so I only got 2 of 20 out from my hands, feet, and knee, and only one got infected (ya) but I didn't do anything about it till it was a week into the infection (boo!) so now my hand is wrapped up in gauze to keep the wound oozing, and if it keeps up, then I'll have to have my mom dig into my hand with like a scalpel and pull out the thorn... not excited for that!!! so I'm hoping and praying it won;t come to that

Fourth. We got a car!!!!!!!

Fifth. I have 3 weeks of school till break. the only problem subject is Chem. 2 I'll have done this coming week (it's Friday) then the rest done that 3rd week.

Sixth. Megan (one of the missionaries for heartline) leaves tomorrow till January.

Seventh, and not least, Joanna, another missionary, and someone my mom and Beth Mchoul worked with in the Philippians, and worked in Ft. Collins (a city next my hometown) and hung with my mom a lot, found out that her grandma died so she left two days ago and won't be back till

so there you go, and update of my life. now try to remind me to write when you can
ya!!! 11/03/2009
I know it's been a while and I'm sorry, but I just haven't got around to writing. But I am now!!! so, highlights. I  ran 5 miles!!! that is good!!! got to go to youth group, and that was fun. I always love hanging with kids my own age. I also got the chance to watch a couple episodes of criminal minds. That show is pretty sweet! not as good as Heroes, but still pretty sweet! I also went to a halloween party that Vivian (the Livesays' teacher) set up. I was a secret agent in disguece! Church was good, I still fell asleep while chewing gum... I need to fix that... Last night (Monday) some midwives, and another one not from heartline, but still a freind, came over to our house. We set up a projector and watched the Lord of the Rings extended edition. That means the movie length is doubled!!!!! it was sweet. Today my dad and my brother Trent get on a plane and fly to Miami, and tomorrow they get here. I'm excited, but I'm sure they aren't.
hospital 10/28/2009
Today started out normal. I ran in the morning, got some bread, started school, Joey got in trouble. yep. Then at 10, Beth picked my mom, Corrie, and me up, and we went to a catholic children hospital. a mother Teresa hospital, so my mom tells me. It was really quite depressing. There were 4 rooms full of sick babies in cribs. some had swollen heads, others had IVs. Many were just flesh and bone. also had balloted stomachs because they didn't have the strength to lift the spoon even though they are 3 years old. We went there looking for a kid, but didn't find him, so we spent  little bit helping the workers, and holding the babies. It was sad. I think I could have spent all day there. I went home afterward, and did some research on colleges. I'm posting a poll later and I want you all to answer it. it will help. Oh and everyone check our heartlinerunners.b
updateing 10/26/2009
so I felt like updating today. Since John is still gone, my family and I didn't get to go to church, but my mom did get to go to a woman's conference. I also didn't get to go to youth group because Tim Kenall didn't have room in his car for  me. SO this week was really boring. My dad and my brother Trent get here in 9 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah! There is a new ink in the link tab. the link goes to the heartline runners blog. this is a "team" of runners that are running the disney marathon/half-marathon, in January. I recommend you go there and learn a little about it, and if you are rich, you can sponsor me!! so go there. oh and I think I'll start a poll on the side. so take the time to answer that if you want.
Nora 10/22/2009
We got Nora back!!! she still pees in the house, but not as much. oh and she eats our feet. Yep! I've basicly have done nothing intresting lately... nope... just thought I'd update my blog... oh wait!!! John Mchoul left for 10 days, and he is our ride almost everywhere, so I didn't get to go to bible study
ok so church was amazing, as always, but for some unknown reason, I managed to fall asleep during prayer, while chewing 2 pieces of gum! yeah, I don't get it. nor do I get how snow melts in the freezer! if you have the answer please TELL ME!!! We went to the Mchoul's after fro lunch, and to say goodbye to David, something. He is a pilot, under contract for the UN. Every couple of months, the UN sends him home for 6 weeks, so he'll be back. after lunch, I fell asleep on their couch. Yesterday was a normal school day. Nothing intresting till night time. We had a HUGE thunderstorm much like the one that flooded our house last time. However, this on  was worse, and produced thunder so bad, it sounded like a cannon went off next to your ear! There is thunder right now that shakes the house, but no rain. Oh and the drainage system was fixed, so NO FLOOD! This morning I got up to run with my mom, after a brief argument, we started running. We ran around 3.75 miles (estimate) and I felt really good after running, for the first time. however I do have blisters, and that isn't fun. I had aA LOT of reading to do in school today, all about Greece. I love Greece, and their culture, so I was sure this was going to be fun. It was, especially cause I managed to fall asleep for an hour, as I was on my last page of the book entitled "The Greek Way." I also practiced my Saxophone, and I played really well! YA! so that's all the blog worthy news, so night!!
Post Title. 10/17/2009
I got to see something really cool yesterday. Josh Brumley, fellow missionary kid, invited me to go with him, and a friend, to a Haitian arts festival. The festival was really cool and the food was amazing! Who new Haitians catered to my pickyness! I was surprised to see that a lot of company's advertised here, like digicell had a bunch of banners, and their were a lot of giant inflatable beer bottles. SO that was a majority of my day, and it was really good to get out of the house. I finished the day off talking on facebook till 1:30. Then I woke up this morning, so I could get ready for Saxophone lessons, several hours early. yeah I went back to bed. After lessons, I had to run home so I could eat dinner before I would be picked up for youth group. That was a lot of fun today as well! We played blob tag, and I managed to be one of the last to get tagged. As in the whistle blew several seconds after I was tagged. I slid to avoid getting tagged, and got a nice "battle wound." And of course. Marc Williams is an amazing speaker, and made the lesson really great. So tomorrow I get to ride in a pickup bed with a lot of other kids... again, so yeah.